Team profiles:
Ed Saxman, Chad Parker, Frank Bio, Fred Whitt, Greg Prinzo, Jim Fancher, Lee Parke, Paul Lambrecht, Ralph Degenova, Tom Palenchar, Wade Long, Rob Simpson

Ed “The Wizard” Saxman

Product Manager, Powertrain

Ed’s a mechanical engineer who joined Volvo after spending 13 years with Mack Truck Engineering—which gave him a great foundation in truck power, productivity and dependability. And after 27 years with Volvo Trucks, it’s safe to say he knows more about what goes on under the hood than anyone. He’s on the Tour to tell you everything you need to know about drivetrain efficiency.

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Chad “Big Stretch” Parker

Marketing Product Manager, Powertrain

Chad joined Volvo in 2001, bringing with him a wealth of automotive electrical and diagnostic experience. He made an easy transition to Class 8, and now specializes in powertrain components. Chad has a BS degree in Information Technology/Business and an associate’s degree in Automotive Technology. Have questions about Volvo engines and transmissions? Chad has the answers.

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Frank “FABIO” Bio

Product Manager, Trucks

For Volvo, Frank is a product manager for trucks. For fleet managers across the country, he’s the “Voice of the Customer.” His job is to represent your wants and needs back to the organization. Frank’s a bona fide expert in truck aerodynamics and fuel economy. And with his dynamic ability to explain complicated topics in practical terms, he gives a presentation you’re sure to remember.

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Fred “Diesel” Whitt

Director of Product Management

During his 25-year career with Volvo, Fred has played key roles in Engineering and Project Management. He’s an EPA 2010 project team member, and he co-authored the project prerequisites. Questions about emissions, NOx and the environment? Fred’s your man. He’s a multitalented expert, holding a degree in Design Engineering as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration.

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Greg “The Prince” Prinzo

Product Management

Name your Volvo truck model. Greg knows the vehicle’s electrical systems and electronics gear inside and out. He should, since he helped design most of them.A 15-year company veteran, Greg’s current role is Product Manager, and he’s had three years of experience working in Volvo’s Product Planning group. He’s been a proud member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for 18 years.

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Jim “Big Wheel” Fancher

Product Marketing Manager, Powertrain

Meet Mr. Powertrain. Jim has played a key role in Volvo powertrain development since 2000. In fact, he prepared us for our highly successful U.S. ’02 emissions introduction. Jim’s 29-year career in the heavy-duty industry includes construction equipment, truck remarketing and sales engineering, as well as product information management and vocational product development.

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Lee “Parkway” Parke

Trucks Marketing Specialist

Young, smart and highly motivated. That’s Lee. He’s a mechanical engineer who spent three years working for Cummins Engine Company before joining Volvo Trucks in 1995. Lee initially worked in Engine Installations, then spent several years in Engineering Systems Support. He’s been a valuable player on the Trucks Marketing team since 2008.

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Paul “High Tech” Lambrecht

Director of Product Marketing

Paul graduated from Virginia Tech 23 years ago and went right to work for Volvo Trucks. He started off in Engineering, found time to earn his MBA in Finance, then moved to Product Planning…complete with a two year assignment in Sweden. Paul switched to Product Marketing seven years ago and now he runs the department. Feel free to test his superb knowledge of all things Volvo.

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Ralph “Silver Fox” Degenova

Manager, Business Solutions

As a youngster, Ralph was always ready to ride with his truck-driving dad. His love of big trucks launched a career that took him from a tech position at International Harvester to Sales Manager with Ryder. Ralph joined Volvo in 1976 and played a key role in launching the legendary VN series. Today, he’s a telematics specialist and our Volvo Link expert.

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Tom “Chase” Palenchar

Marketing Product Manager

How many design patents do you have? Tom has three. Tom began his 25-year career as a test engineer for another OEM. His passions include truck reliability, product design and product assurance engineering. For the past six years Tom has been Volvo’s Marketing Product Manager, working to develop and promote truck components.

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Wade “Rockford Files” Long

Marketing Product Manager, Trucks

With credentials as an engineer and businessman, Wade is all about meeting the performance expectations of fleet managers. He’s a Volvo product expert who’s terrific at explaining truck features. Wade started at Volvo in 1997, working on powertrain and engine installation projects. He also spent valuable time in Product Planning, where he developed guidelines for future truck programs.

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Rob “The Safety Guy” Simpson

Manager, Marketing Programs

In 1995, Rob began writing repair manuals for Volvo before moving into the Truck Marketing Group in 2003. Today, Rob is an outspoken advocate for trucking safety and has a wealth of information about Volvo’s innovations to improve driver safety and efficiency. Rob has appeared on the History Channel and numerous satellite radio programs.

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