Volvo Driving Success Tour

The Volvo Driving Success Tour is all about helping fleets be more profitable. And when the Tour comes to a Volvo dealership near you, you’ll discover how to make dramatic improvements in the areas of fuel efficiency, productivity and savings.

You’ll get an exclusive, hands-on demo of how our new SCR engine delivers up to 5% better fuel economy than our highly efficient EPA ’07 engines. You’ll see how our I-Shift transmission saves fuel with every automated gear change. You’ll discover the wind-taming advantages of Volvo’s aerodynamic design. And you’ll learn other proven strategies to boost your mileage, productivity and success.

The Volvo Driving Success Tour will put you face-to-face with the experts behind our fuel saving strategies, so get your questions ready. In the meantime, this site will let you meet the Tour Team, check the Tour Schedule for newly added Tour stops, and much more. Feel free to explore, come back often for updates, and be on the lookout for a Tour Invitation from your Volvo trucks deale!